Edge of the Empire

Long Arm of the Hutt (Act I)
Episode 3: The Fall of Agnu Drombb


Our group of misfits helped deliver B’ura B’an to New Meen. The villagers begged and pleaded with our group to help drive off the thugs west of town, led by Agnu Drombb. The group reluctantly agreed and after a brief tussle with some of Agnu’s thugs on the street at night, the crew rested and planned to set off west for Agnu’s compound at first light.

When the morning came, they were surprised to see a group of lightly armed Twi’leks had already began the journey to drive off Agnu themselves. Our group did manage to catch up to the would-be Twi’lek heroes before they could tip off the thugs that something was afoot. With some quick thinking, the group decided to play as if the Twi’leks have captured them and were turning them into Agnu and his gang.

The plan did not work as intended.

A fire fight broke out the thugs were quickly dispatched. The battle moved into the cantina where Agnu apparently was having a round with his men.

All of his men suffered quick deaths and Agnu was about to surrender due to his wounds when Lowhhrick finished him.

Our group then searched his computer and found strange messages from someone named Thwheek regarding Geonosians named Sivor, Piddock, and Dimmock. Not knowing what to make of this information, the group proceeded to look for various items to loot.

41-VEX found a safe and after several failed attempts, was able to slice it open using his Computer skills. Inside was a Data Cube and 2k credits.

Long Arm of the Hutt
Episode 2: The Old Lylek Den


The Old Lykek Den

After being attacked, chased, and then forced to crash their Speeder by a Human and Gand Bounty Hunter team (obviously hired by Teemo the Hutt), the players again found themselves under almost immediate attack by some Bounty Hunters impersonating Imperial Soldiers. Fighting back, the players fought the Bounty Hunters back into the cave system from where they emerged. Unknowingly, this was also the home to a vicious Lylek. The commotion stirred the giant beast, which impaled an NPC Bounty Hunter and dragged his lifeless body back to it’s lair.

After the players finished clearing out all the Bounty Hunters (41-VEX actually caught one, Oskara questioned him, and then they released him to walk towards Nabaat). The players got more information on Angu Drombb. The players also found, released, and added Sasha the Explorer to their party.

B’ura Ban successfully repaired the Speeder and they set off for New Meen. After finally making it to their destination, they were greeted as heroes by the local Twi’lek villagers and provided with refreshments, food, and a celebration to welcome back B’ura.

The villagers then proceeded to tell the players the dire situation with Angu Drombb


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